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Read somewhere that they are the toughest handgun ever built, and should last a 100 years, easy. So I picked one up, despite a beauful deep blue finish, it was a little cosmetically challenged (tiny corrosion spots), so I cleaned it up including the 'rust' in all the lettering and etchings (ie crown & lion). I was just about finished, when I realized it wasn't 'orange rust' but gold ! Duh ! A collector said it might be a handgun that was issued to the palace guard. Its not a carry pistol, more of a curiosity, but it certainly could be a CCW.

The M1934 has what has to be one of the hardest slides to rack, ever. They are revolver reliable. For years I shot 3-4" groups and couldn't understand why I couldn't get the groups any tighter. Then one day I dropped my smallest finger under the finger rest extension, under the mag. Well that made all the difference. I hate finger rest extensions but have never seen a flat base M34 mag. I would cut off all the finger rest extensions but that would be ruining a classic design.

Thanks for the video. Enjoyed watching.
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