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The first AR that I bought was a DPMS Panther Lite 16 and it turned out to be a great gun for it's $699.00 price tag and very accurate with light bullets. My 2nd was a Rock River Arms pistol lower with a Panther Lite 16 upper that I bought and cut down to 11 1/2". The magazine well on the lower was showing bare aluminum before I got magazines to opperate as they should and the DPMS upper had a misalignment between the barrel and gas block but became a decent gun once things were ironed out. Last week I picked up a NIB Colt LE6920 with the Rogers Super Stock and removable handle. The new gun has a 1 turn in 7 twist and shoots the heavier bullets just fine. I have to say that if Colt is cutting corners it isn't evident in this gun as the fit and finish are just fantastic, not needing any rubber inserts to keep it from rattling the pins loose. If you want to hunt deer the faster twist is a must in my opinion.
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