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I have a larger roaster pan. (The kind for roasting a turkey in.) It has handles on the ends. I keep my pot, ladle, fluxing spoon, dross can (old bean can), and a pair of gloves. My lead ingots are already melted down so I just turn the pot on, with a couple of bricks in it. I also leave a tiny bit in the bottom when I am done pouring. It seems to keep the crud from building up on the bottom of the pot that way.

I take it out to the front porch with an extension cord. Plug it in. Usual time to be pouring is about 20 minutes for it to melt the lead down, and be up to temp. I put the mold on a stove burner turned on low to preheat while the lead is melting. I oil the pins while it is hot, just before I start casting. I make a few cast that go in the recycle with the sprue pieces just in case. I usualy keep my casting sessions to about an hour or so. Though on nice days when I have the time to myself I may go up to 3 hours with a couple of breaks.
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