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Remington never had a recall on the 700's trigger. There have been some accidental discharges mainly due to altered triggers from misguided knowledge or lack of maintenance by not flushing out dirt and caked on oil in the trigger housing.
The problem is the trigger connctor. An useless part that in rare cases malfunctions and releases the sear with no pull of the trigger. When this happens the safety is the only thing holding the firing pin back. When the safety is released the gun will fire if a round is in the chamber.

It is well documented in brand new, perfectly clean, unmodified rifles. Estimates of between 5,000 to 10,000 incidents dating back to the 1940's. Remington's own engineers found the defect in 1946 and urged the trigger disconnctor be removed and to use a more conventional trigger. The new X-Mark trigger is the one proposed in 1946, but was not changed until October 2006.

If concerned about the gun firing on its own the new trigger will eleminate that possibility, but an aftermarket trigger is a better choice.
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