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I might add that I was under an overhang, we had an overcast day, and there was no glare and I could make out the sight alignment better than other days when out in the sun, etc. Good day for articulating the sights.

No need to be so humble. Good shooting is good shooting. I shot another hundred rounds through mine yesterday but only at 10 yards. I can keep my groups pretty small at that range, but that's not saying much. I'll have to try it out to 25 tomorrow and see if I can match your score.

Bottom line though, for a pistol with a 3 inch barrel, an 8 pound trigger, miniscule sights and a "puny" caliber, these little pistols are regularly capable of impressive performance. I have only fired a few hollowpoints through mine since I've owned it, but I've fired hundreds of short little flat point plated bullets through it and it chambered everything with no problem. Accurate, reliable, durable and easy to look at, the Beretta Model 1934 is a great little pistol that really deserves to be updated and brought back into production.
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