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dstryr, I don't recall if you were one of the posters disparaging others as internet "macho men" or "internet commandos". If you were not, then my remarks were not aimed your way.

As far as metal .45 vs polymer .40, I am not making such comparisons.

Compare SIG P220 to P229; not much weight or length difference, though there is some. P229 was much snappier with .40 or .357 than was the P220 with .45.

I have also owned Glock 30s and a 21, and have shot another person's G22.

9mm vs .40, I have owned or do own:

P01 and P06

PX4 9mm and .40

FNX9 and FNX40

I have owned a Beretta 92 and shot a Beretta 96;

I have owned a BHP 9mm and shot a BHP .40.

So no, I am not comparing a heavy 1911 .45 to a plastic fantastic .40. Whether .45 vs .40 or 9mm vs .40, I am comparing identical or very similar platforms.

To me, the .40 is snappier across the board, and I prefer 9mm or .45.

treg, sometimes people list guns (as above) not because they are internet commandos, but because (in cases like this) it adds some substance to the argument made.
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