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There are probably quite a few 1MOA guns out there, but very few 1MOA shooters. I have 4 subMOA shooters for sure, but I simply cannot shoot that well each and every time out. For example, I have a varmint AR that was put together with a Del-ton 20" mid weight barrel, and free floated. It will shoot less than an inch @ 200 most of the time. Out in the real world I have pulled the trigger on it twice with the same result; varmint retired. Do I care if it is an MOA weapon or not?, No. Out in the real world there is wind, temperature, barometric pressure and such to deal with. All have an effect on where the bullet ultimately impacts, and all up to the shooter to correct for. I pull the trigger and a gust of wind hits the bullet out at 75 pushing the bullet off target and it impacts just outside the 1MOA circle. Does that mean the gun is not an MOA shooter? No. It means I didn't account for the gust of wind. My 700 .308 shot a 5/32" group @ 100 on a windless day bipod and bagged on the back. That is how capable that particular rifle is. I am not that talented on a normal day. All I'm saying is that there are probably a lot more rifles that are capable of 1MOA or less than there are people capable of wringing that out of a weapon.
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