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The One

I have my share of nice revolvers, and I've sold or traded many more. But there is one that just took my love to the next level.

It was that gun that has it all. I wasn't even looking for a S&W 28, but there I was wondering around a small gun show, and a dealer had it on his table. It had target trigger, target hammer and was in 98% condition. Except . . . the red plastic was gone from the front sight. This, coupled with the fact that I wasn't even sure I wanted the gun, got me to get him down to $340 out the door.

And, of course, it is the best shooter of all my revolvers. The trigger is like butter. I don't know who did the work on it, but he must have been a true master. While not my first N-frame, it solidified my love of n-frames above all others. I will have this One until I die, and there aren't many guns I can say that about.
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