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My best guess is that there will be licensed carry with some form of "may issue." Chicago is still the 800 pound gorilla, and an aide as quoted in the Chicago Tribune: “As the mayor has said all along, the City of Chicago is committed to maintaining the fullest degree of lawful handgun restrictions possible while still respecting the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens, because maintaining common-sense restrictions is an issue of public safety.”

The decision is of course not binding on the Ninth Circuit, and moreover, the three California cases and the one Hawaii cases all dealt with the scope of the sheriff's discretion under the state "may issue" statute, an issue not presented in Moore v. Madigan (there was no right to carry in Illinois for self defense until today), i.e., what may be required by was of "good cause" for issuance. The decision will be persuasive to the extent that there is still an argument being presented by various governmental entities that the right to "bear" does not extend beyond the home
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