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Well accuracy was great at 25 yards. While shooting off a front sand bag 10 shots in a 4 inch square target, most so close they touched together.

Off of the lead sled there was a single 3/4 inch hole for 5 shots in the dead center bull's eye. I was unable to recover the target for pictures. People were still shooting, and my wife was ready to go home.

My load is 15.5 to 15.8 grains with a 350 grain LFP bevel base laser cast sized at .459. Loads were sub sonic as far as I could tell there were no sonic booms from the bullet breaking the sound barrier that I could tell. Guesstimated at about 1050 FPS or so give or take a small bit.

Oh and Hornady went with the shorter brass for the Evolution ammo. They had to for it to cycle in lever actions. Acording to the manual from Marlin the Evolution ammo COL is 2.60, die to the rubber tip they will feed in most lever guns. Though anything else can not be over 2.55 and still cycle.
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