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To each his own ....

I like the S&W 329PD ... but only with .44 Special ammunition. I carry Buffalo Bore Heavy .44 Special loads, 185 grain Gold Dots at 1150 fps, and reload 200 grain Gold Dots to 1150 fps. I find this about the upper level of spending an afternoon shooting this revolver. A plus side to .44 magnum ammunition is I load the 6th cylinder with a 240 grain factory load and I know when it is time to reload. No counting shots is needed.

This is one of my three allowed carry hand guns and I might like it best for out in rural areas, or fishing/camping, .... I did put the S&W X Frame Hogue grips on it. I have never had factory ammunition jump crimp, but maybe 1 in 3 cylinders I will have the 6th chamber jump crimp when shooting my reloads. This is something I also experience with my S&W M&P 340 (.357 magnum). Never a crimp jump with factory ammunition, buth 5th chamber crimp jump with my reloads. I don't carry reloads with it either.

Different strokes for different folks.

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