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If by that you mean, there is a record of sale? as that is what Licensed dealers have.

For all of the BoS types...I have quite a few firearms of all types, I am a bit of a collector,..However, only three have ever seen an FFL Some I purchased before 1968, some we gifted to me before 1968, some afterwards, some were inherited, some were purchased privately...only one is actually "registered" to NYS...even though I have not lived in NY for many many years.

Even the FFL books go away in 20 years (that is how long they must be kept) what is the big deal about "registration" It is bogus whatever way you look at it.

My firearms are mine...yes, there is a record of them, Photo, when I obtained them, and how, and if purchased, how much...down at my Insurance where else.
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