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To clarify, my SD/HD stable is basically full. now, I buy for fun. i do see a daily post asking what gun to buy to start SD/HD lifestyle. Often the OP's lack of gun experience puts out a criteria that causes best choices to not get listed. .

1911 - I didn't include because all need mag/recoil spring maint IMHO.

S&W K or J frame - Super guns, but slow reload. Still, I think they meet this criteria. Against four armed intruders, sure not the best...I think 4 armed intruders is pretty unrealistic.

I like the other DA's also.

SA revolvers - I am kind of joking saying these are good for me! I would not SD/HD my Ruger, unless I need bear protection.

Glock - Honestly, there is not a much better basic gun. The only fault is that the moniker safe action is over-hyped BS. Still these are good guns, easy to hit with and accurate enough. With the NY1 trigger, it can be revolver heavy. With other user serviceable parts, it can be competition ready.

XD - Another Glock like gun, but IMHO, the grip safety adds safety without complexity. The grip and trigger are better. Yes, it is super reliable.

Keep'em coming!
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