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Not to throw this topic off course, but how do you think the ruling in Illinois will affect the possibilities of future legislation that would affect the legal purchase or attainment of firearms?

As we all know, the current administration isn't exactly gun advocates, and if I recall and understand correctly, we barely hold the line in the SCOTUS in terms of judges that appear to favor the 2A and the RKBA. (please correct me if I'm wrong)

While it is unlikely that anything will happen until the house elections open in 2014, and equally unlikely an AWB will be passed, it also appears that current administration likes to play dirty when it comes to getting certain legislations passed (Again correct me if I'm wrong).

I will of course still be writing my respective states reps and senators but given latest victory (though it's outcome doesn't appear to be guranteed) in IL, how does that streangthen the RKBA advocates position on a federal level or is this to be taken as a purely state level win?
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