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For target shooting, you would like to have ...

1) exposed elevation and windage turrets (not under a screw off cap)
2) 1/8 moa or 1/10 mil clicks (or better if you can afford it)
3) a 30mm tube (or better if you can afford it)
4) a 40mm+ objective (or larger if you can afford it)
5) at least 24x if shooting 1000 (many are available up to 42x)
6) a fine lined reticle that matches your clicks (mil/mil or moa/moa)

I use Vortex Viper PST and it is pretty well regarded as a higher end value scope. I picked up mine (which is 6-24 FFP) used for $700. The 2nd focal plane version (which is more traditional) should be available for $5-600ish. If you are going to max out at 750, you should be able to get away with just the scope and not a sloped base. It would only be $30-50 if you wish to add it later. I could easily adjust and shoot 750 without a base, but the huge increase in dope offset for 1000 will require the base. Rings can also be found for $30 to $100.

I think 600 to 800 is doable... maybe not everything above purchased new... without considerable shopping.

Don't let price stop you however.....

In fact.... If you wanted to go lower end. I used the BSA 4-14x44 FFP tactical mil-mil that you see on midway usa on sale for $249 for a lot of long range (750) shooting ..... BUT you will have poor low light capability and will not be able to clearly see small (I shoot .223) holes at anything greater than 300. If this is a daytime, plate ringing, setup.... It would certainly do for that application. (exposed knobs, 1/10 mil, 44mm bell, fine reticle)

IMHO, My 2c, YMMV, etc, etc, etc, ....
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