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If you want bear protection or a good hunting bullet, go with a home cast bullet. Not a store bought. Home cast.
Casting... Hmmmm.

I'd be interested, but realistically, I wouldn't have the space, nor money to buy the stuff, I also have no idea where I can get hold of the lead. Environmental legislation has reduced the amount of lead circulating as wheel weights or other stuff. As far as I know it is legal, but I'd have to check again.

TBH, I'd probably buy about 100-200 such bullets, then develop a load, make up 50 or so cartridges and only load them when going out.

I can buy 265gr H&N bullets in the meanitme just for range practice...

Midway USA has all the 300gr bullets.
All Midways are outside the country and I would need an import licence to get them even from Finland or Germany!! Very expensive and I would need a services licence as well...
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