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The only one I can think of offhand, and yes I know it is heavily scripted and probably more fiction than non-, is Pawn Stars. Every couple of episodes they will do a range trip to test out an antique gun (sometimes a cannon) or settle a bet. Trips to the range are presented as fun and normal.
The TruTV show, Hardcore Pawn. The three owners all carry, but it's not glorified in anyway. You can see the fathers gun printing through his sweatshirt in most episodes. I think there was even an episode where they all had to draw on someone.

Reality TV, real people, carrying guns for protection.

The best example I can think of is Jericho. In most shows, if they take the time to show widespread ownership, it's in conjunction with guns as tools for dealing with violent conflict.
Although it is an apoclyptic theme, the guns aren't glorified, and they do a good job with making sure they're used in a proper way.
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