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Now you know why so many M1903, and Garand bolts have serial numbers on them. Certain military organizations were so safety paranoid that they stored the rifles separate from the bolts, then found out that bolts are not interchangeable between rifles (except Swiss K31 bolts, they are interchangeable across thirty years production and 800,000 rifles produced!) so they had to electropencil serial numbers on the bolts.

As for turnbolts. I would recommend lowering the cocking piece if you plan long term storage of the bolt. Like six months to years. You can use a vise to grab a cocking and pull it back into its notch prior to installation. You will probably scratch it on M700’s, M70’s. I don’t have any Savages. Old military actions, M98’s, 03’s, they are relatively easy to pull the firing pin/cocking piece back.
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