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Had a 329, and yeah, it was brutal with heavy loads. But I am one of those guys that pretty much blocks out recoil; I just drum up the ghost of Elmer Keith, he enters my body, and I just tough up, chomp down on an imaginary cigar, and shoot. The only reason I DON'T own one now, is I have the heir apparent (a 2 3/4" S&W 500), and the little .44 didn't get shot as much. Along comes a left handed friend of mine, and wants my gun, left handed kydex holster and all. He still has it, and I still miss it (as my LITTLE big gun). But the .500 gets me by when I need a shot of real recoil in a handgun. For what it's worth, the 329 can be fitted with the S&W 500's type grips, which absorb recoil a little better than the stock Hogue grips.
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