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I'm sure my 10 year old could take a set of parts from the DD warehouse and slap together an upper assembly... that doesn't mean it was built to the same standards as if it were build by Daniel Defense. Make sense?
Re-read your post. You said:

Daniel Defense and Bravo Company are top shelf parts. PSA is budget friendly stuff that 'usually works'....
You were referring clearly to the parts PSA uses.

DD's are cold hammer forged in house... and are most definitely a step above that.
PSA sells cold-hammer-forged FN barrels as well. All reports I've seen of them have been very positive. I don't personally own a PSA-barrelled upper, but I do own a Spikes upper that also uses an FN-produced hammer-forged barrel, and accuracy is excellent.

That said - I get it - you got a bad product from PSA and questionable customer service and you want to make it known. I understand that frustration. That said, it would seem like you are in a small minority with respect to the many happy PSA customers.

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