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I was lucky to grow up in a house full of guns. My Dad gave me my first rifle, a Remington 514, when I was seven years old. He was in the USAF and we moved around alot but when I was nine, he got me involved in competive indoor match shooting, in 1963. It was the Chanute (AFB) Junior Rifle Club, we shot 50' indoor match with heavy barreled, bolt action, 22LR target rifles. I don't remember for sure but I believe that they were all Remingtons (owned by the Air Force and supplied to the club).

I've been addicted to guns, shooting, hunting, and handloading ever since.

My brother is also a shooter, as well as my son, nephews and 4 out of 5 brothers in law. Number 5 is a rabid anti-gun/hunting guy. What she sees in him?....
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