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Going to be very interesting to see what happens next. Illinois has no real choice about it though. If they appeal to SCOTUS they will lose and really "harm" the anti gun community. Another year might go by but they will lose and then it will open up a lot of other states with "strong" restrictions on CC like California and New York to lawsuits.

I have a feeling something like HB148, which has been waiting in the wings will be passed. Despite common perceptions even on a critical issue like this politicians tend to move very slow. Illinois has a lot of serious issues that need to be tackled in the coming legislative sessions so it would be a lot easier, even for the anti gun types to pass a bill like HB148 and then try to "fix" it later.

It really brings me pleasure knowing Mayor Emanuel, Anita Alverez and the Madigans must be stomping around in their respective offices so angry right now.
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