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Well, judging by the picture, it's not mint.
Unless it's in minty condition, with the chrysanthemum intact, it's not really worth much at all.

An STG-44? Oh, my heart recoiled at that one. I've only ever seen one in private circulation.

Biggest problem is a lot of the next 2 generations don't have the appreciation for the historical significance of these mementos.
The children of the WWII generation have been problematic at times. I've bought numerous guns from folks who come in dangling dad's "old army gun" in a dirty sock. They don't want that stupid, awful thing in the house. Most aren't gun people, and if it doesn't directly affect them, they don't care much for history.

(I was once told, "now that Dad's dead, I can get rid of it." The gun was his service pistol.)

The only ray of sunshine in that situation is that they usually hit the gun shops or pawn shops first, thus ensuring the gun does stay in circulation. Buybacks are usually the end of the line.
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