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I would love it if Glock produced a single stack anything.
Like the G36 perhaps?
It's my understanding though that Gaston Glock isn't interested in making guns specifically for civilians, and all of his designs are for Military and LE.
How do you explain the civilian gun-game oriented G34 and G35 then?

Tom Servo said:
Their mentality is that they're not going to build something unless they can make and sell tons of it.
+1. Gaston Glock's primary goal is making money by the bagful, regardless of the market his product serves; he's somewhat notorious for this attitude.

The G17L, G34, and G35 are low-volume niche products by Glock standards, but they're also so-called "halo" products that can be sold for higher prices than their standard lineup, yet have a high degree of parts commonality and probably cost only a little more to manufacture.

To bring the G25 & G28 here, Glock would either have to substantially modify the design to meet ATF importation criteria and retool an Austrian plant, or add new tooling to their American plant. Either strategy would require a big investment to sell pistols with relatively little American market potential.

A theoretical American-built LCP/P3AT-type "G40" would probably outsell either the G25 or G28 by a 5:1 ratio, and would probably make the company more money, even if they had to cut their margins substantially to approach the LCP/P3AT price point.
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