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Hello younggunz4life,,,

Maybe this is a biased place to ask, but am I being cynical to think this is just laziness, lack of intelligence, a disrespect to history, fill in the blanks to hand over a piece of history like this at a 'gun buyback' program?
How much do you know about old books?

It's essentially the same,,,
Your old recluse uncle passes away,,,
You are helping his wife clear out his den.

Would you recognize an obscure but rare and valuable book on his shelf?

It's not laziness, lack of intelligence, or a disrespect to history,,,
It's simple ignorance about a thing or subject,,,
And ignorance is not a fault,,,
It's simple reality.

People who are not into guns would never suspect,,,
That a 30 year old Colt revolver would be worth $2,500 or more.

My parents were antique dealers back in the late 60's thru the 70's,,,
You wouldn't believe how many things they sold cheaply,,,
That were potentially extremely valuable items.

Like the S&W Model 1, with a two digit serial number,,,
Pop paid $10.00 for the handgun at a farm auction,,,
He was ecstatic to turn it for $75.00 next week.

To him it was just this beat up pistol,,,
Heck, all it would chamber was .22 shorts,,,
How was he to know that at that time it was a $1,500.00 gun.

Today it is valued between $10,000.00 and $15,000.00

My point is that outside of a small sub-set of the US population,,,
Not that many people will see anything but an old beat up army rifle with little or no monetary value.


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