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I'm glad they could rescue it,,,

Because the terms of transfer for gun buy-backs I knew about,,,
Specifically stated the gun would be destroyed.

There were no provisions for rescuing a valuable firearm.

The reason for this clause in the contract,,,
Was to prevent a gun dealer from setting up a buyback,,,
Or preventing a dealer from skimming the cream before the destruction.

The contract was to ensure the guns would be destroyed.

When I lived in So-Cal the PD my wife worked for,,,
Often supplied security at gun buy-backs that gave you concert tickets for a gun.

One of the officers told me of a black-powder era Colt SAA,,,
That was traded for two Reba McEntire tickets,,,
Still in it's original wooden box.

The gun was destroyed because of the clause guaranteeing the guns could not be resold or redistributed in any manner.

So, the buy-backs we've experienced recently must not have had that clause in the contract.


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