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nate45, I have a 500-yard range at my house. I mention this because the only ten-shot group I've shot in many years was on this range; maybe ten years back.

Probably about two minutes. I wasn't hurrying, but I wasn't dallying around. I called two flyers. The other eight were in a six-inch group. 1.2 MOA.

Low on ammo, I had just shot two four-shot .0.8 MOA groups a couple of minutes before, with a different load.

The old Weatherby has had around 4,000 rounds run through it. 3x10 scope. 26" #2 profile sporter barrel. '06.

This was just messing around, casual shooting. No real serious effort on my part. Just meddling along in my notion that if it's within 500 yards, it belongs to me.
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