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There is no doubt that body armor saves lives I imagine the number of good Men and Women killed in action or wounded in action in Iraq and Afghanistan would be five or ten times higher if not for body armor and up-armored vehicles.

That being said most of us would like to have body armor except for a lot of reasons, including, the high cost, the weight and heat retention, wearing it all the time, if not wearing it all the time the access to and time to put it on in a life threatening situation, etc..

Somewhere down the road in doing my part to stimulate the economy, I will probably purchase some, but like other things I would like to purchase that cost a good deal of money, like night vision and thermal, I have heard there is a shelf life on night vision and thermal and on body armor.

Not trying to high jack the thread, but since this is a discussion on body armor, is there a shelf life on body armor that has never taken a round.
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