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My .22 pistols are the most valuable handguns in my collection.

I was updating the inventory of my handguns yesterday evening,,,
It's part of my will that I keep an updated price list for them.

I don't have any tremendously valuable handguns,,,
But I did notice one thing that seems strange,,,
According to the 2013 gun value books,,,
My .22's are my most valuable guns.

  • 6" Colt Trooper Mk-III
  • 4" S&W Model 63
  • 4" S&W Model 34 in Nickel Plate
  • & my S&W Model 34 snubnose

The Trooper in .22 is valued higher than mine in .357,,,
The J-frame .22's are all valued higher than their .38 counterparts.

Last but not least,,,
My CZ-75B Kadet in .22,,,
Is valued higher than it 9mm counterpart.

Is it all due to the fact that they probably made less of any .22 version than a centerfire counterpart?

I know I paid some high prices for a few of them,,,
It just never dawned on me that they were my most valuable handguns.


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