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Thanks everyone. @allaroundhunter, yes, I still have a few long range rifles. The fifty is my favorite, I just am almost to the point of not being able to load and unload it. The last I shot it, I had to wait over an hour after setting it up before shooting, due to shaking so much and my breathing rate from the pain..

@Uncle Malice, I hope it is as reliable as my DD or M&P15. I know they are overpriced. I can get one for dealer cost. It is just something I have always wanted, as I feel soon I might not be able to shoot as much, I want to try to wear one out while I can. I am not expecting anything more than my current rifles, other than being heavier..

@barnbwt, I like that... You got me doing some Thanks

@patriot86, thanks for the info. I have confidence in HK. I had even checked into the Hk416 upper and building a lower. If Hk would sell a lower separately I guess I would own
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