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Two things on this - I have seen screen captures of the beginning of that thread - the disassembly lever has already been pushed down before Jet Li does his thing - it is a movie - itw as setup like that for the movie.

Two - Beretta will sell LEOs (and others, if U ask - as I have been told) a different disassembly lever - it has no lip, and requires a screw driver to push down on the edge.

Personally - I would not worry about this. I have a 92FS too - and this is my last concern. If ANYONE gets within arms reach of your weapon to mess with anything on it - you are screwed anyway. And, on a semi auto - yes, all they need do is push the slid eback a hair, and ANY semi auto is deactivated as long as the slide is back.

I've been on many forums for many years now - This topic has come up in the past (I forget which forum), and the stilll from that scene have been posted.

Someone always tells some vague story of knowing gangbangers who practiced this movie - I'm personally not buying it, and am not worried about it.
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