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I went to a gun show over the weekend and actually did see one good deal. It was a Sig SP2022 with night sights for $420. Typical price of the 2022 locally without night sights is around that. I already own (well, my wife does) one and I don't particularly like how the gun feels, so I didn't pick it up.

The other thing I noticed was the guy I usually buy my ammo from raised his prices by about 10%. I had bought 1000 rounds of 9mm from him last month for about $185 after tax. This weekend, I bought another 1000 rounds of 9mm for around $205 after tax. His booth was really busy. I asked him what was going on, and he said most people are worried Oba...errr the president is going to do something to make ammo scarce. He said it's been great for business, but he thought most people were a bit foolish. I just told him I wanted to shoot, lol.
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