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That BATFE points system is absolutely random and arbitrary...and I'm guessing it's legality is in a grey area; free trade laws and all that.
IMHO the entire concept of "sporting purposes" in American firearms law is arbitrary and probably unconstitutional because the 2A protects the right to bear arms but says nothing about sporting goods. Unfortunately, it will probably take a carefully crafted court challenge to negate it, as it's settled law, and various American gunmakers appreciate the trade protection and are therefore unlikely to support a repeal.
Next, I can't see a .380 Glock having any viability in the US.
My hunch is that if Glock is going to bother building a .380 stateside, it will be something in the LCP/P3AT mold.

Although I'm an admitted member of the unofficial TFL "Not-So-Subcompact Small .380 Service Pistol Fan Club" (e.g. Beretta 84, Browning BDA .380, & CZ 83), I'll be the first to tell you that the American market potential for such pistols is limited. For the most part, Glock does not play the collector market, and is unlikely to jump through hoops to sell the G25 & G28 here.
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