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I can almost hear some of you saying, "That's crazy, man! You buy the gun you carry it all the time." Well, yes. But one thing at a time. Own it and then by and by I will see if I can get her to come around.
Although I wouldn't be caught not carrying anywhere it is legal for me to do so, I wouldn't call you crazy. You're doing what you have to do to keep the wife happy. Chances are, she'll come around. You will find yourself (both of you together) in a bad area and she'll come out of that situation thinking about what could have happened. If my wife had been against me carrying, I'd likely be in the same situation as you, and actually was for a couple years. She finally came around after realizing the world isn't as safe as people want to make it out to be and that being able to defend yourself is a God given right. It didn't hurt that a friend of hers took her to an NRA Women on Target introduction to handguns class...and she had a blast.

Speaking of which, look for women's only classes and see if she'd be willing to go. It'd help if you could get one or more of her friends on board. If not, don't push her, but keep it on her mind. Bring up the subject every once in a while (I'm talking once a month tops).
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