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Nice deer there Win 73. Better yet. Great shot placement you made on it too. (Old school I see.) Ribs and not hard to do at times head shot even tho you had the ability with that scope mounted. You sir I see have some experience in taken deer.
Absolutely nothing wrong in using Remington CoreLokt's either. I think a few reloaders here and there are disappointed with Remington's decision to discontinue making some of there (reloaders) favorite components. One I can think of off hand is the 35 Rem and its discontinuance of brass for that caliber. Apparently quite a few 35 Rem 336 levers are still around by all the commotion there seems to be. Any how. Looks like that freezer of your is going to hold some great eating venison for awhile. Congratulations on a job well done Sir.

P.Script: I like that heavy built trailer your using. Red in color too> Nice touch.


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