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Just like in real life, 99.9% of firearms are never fired or displayed in anger, but they're an integral part of a lot of peoples' lives - what media shows this?
If one exists, it's probably been cancelled due to viewer boredom. As far as I can ever recall: in cop shows, even the cute & cuddly ones (Castle & The Glades spring to mind), bad guys get shot. In military shows, enemies get shot. Though I think that Major Dad sitcom from the '90s might be an exception. Hunting shows are, pun intended, hit or miss.

The only one I can think of offhand, and yes I know it is heavily scripted and probably more fiction than non-, is Pawn Stars. Every couple of episodes they will do a range trip to test out an antique gun (sometimes a cannon) or settle a bet. Trips to the range are presented as fun and normal.

Only "issue" I ever had with it was the Old Man's tendency to refer to anything with "evil" features as an assault weapon.
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