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While perusing the new gun market I saw that Ruger is coming out with I believe their first double action .22LR revolver. The SP101 I know has been popular for a few years in 38spl and 357mag and I am wondering what anybody has to say about the new .22LR version. I have very high expectations as I have come to respect Ruger as I have never had a bad product of their's. So, what are the thoughts on this gun? Is it worth the $500+ price point? Also, where is the best place to get one I've not seen one at any local gun stores (but thats not saying much).
To followup on what I said earlier. If you want the SP then try to see and handle the one your going to buy. I ordered mine when they first came out and when the revolver finally arrived, I was disappointed with the trigger action.

I have owned Ruger revolvers since 1970 mostly single actions. I own a Ruger Police Service Six that I have had for years. The double action trigger was good from the start on the Service Six. This is typical of Ruger double action revolvers. Either you get a good action trigger or a poor one. Doesn't matter when the revolver was built. In my opinion, a lot of this is because Ruger does not pay attention to refining their product. They mass produce the revolver and very little attention is paid toward detail. I have bought Ruger revolvers that have had rough edges on the trigger and trigger guards that have cut or worn blisters on my fingers. I have had to polish these surfaces.
The bottom line to this is, look over the revolver well before buying it.
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