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I can endorse the 18.5 length model. It is a very handy length and carries well in thick brush & timber. I've shot the 16" ported version and personally found it to be not as desirable. I haven't shot the longer barreled versions but suspect they wouldn't be as handy for brush work.

I tell you one thing, do not ever shoot cowboy loads in them. When I first got mine, I bought a box of PMC cowboy loads mostly just for the brass, to have something to reload for it. They PMC's were .457 bullets and 12 rounds through it leaded it up so bad that I was cussing PMC for a week.

The Marlins like fat bullets whether micro-grooved or ballard rifling. I size to .460 and there is no leading from them. Be careful not to buy .457 size bullets. They love lead bullets but they do have to be fat.

My gunsmith told me that a mag tube from a CS gun could be cut down and fitted to the GG for one extra round should you be interested in that. It would make it 5+1.

The WWG big loop lever is a little too big in my opinion, but being able to use gloves is a plus. Some decent peep sights (Williams) are a big plus and do not ruin the fine lines of the rifle. A WWG Happy Trigger kit is an awesome addition to it and makes the setup near perfect.

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