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Holy new favorite thing batman!

Got a chance to go shoot it last night. It might just be my new favorite thing. Normally it takes me quite a few rounds to really know if I like shooting a gun, in addition to getting comfortable with it. Not so much with this little gem. By the second mag I was putting almost everything in the black at 50'. Actually put enough close together to tear a large hole in one target last night (there were a few fliers though...) but I've never done that with my 1911.

I MAY (maybe) have to give the SR1911 a rest for awhile and play with the Browning this winter.

Only two downsides so far,
1 - there is a wear mark on the front left edge of the slide now. Looks like it's contacting the frame and there's a bright shiny mark worn through the paint. It's small, but really annoying now that I know it's there Might have it looked at to make sure it's not just normal wear.

This is the area that's wearing, but it's really bright silver now. really stands out against the black

2. 13 rounds magazines burn through ammo faster than I'm used to. blasted 100 rounds away last night and I had a big frown on my face when I reached into an empy box.
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