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“The exception to this would be a Factory Crimp Die (handgun variety) when lead bullets. In my experience I have found that due to the loose tolerances Lee uses in the manufacture of FCDs you can easily end up with a tight one that contacts the case body quite regularly”

I refer to those cases as “Cases that have taken on the appearance of having swallowed a bullet”

I purchased a Carbide 44 Special/44 Remington Mag die set at the Dallas Market Hall Gun SHOW for $5.00, the dealer’s rational was “THAT UGLY, #5.00!” nothing wrong with the dies, no one had used pliers or pipe wrenches on them, the dies had fallen victim to ‘GREASE WORMS’ all the grease and and or lube was gone, in the absence of grease/lube the dies rusted (caught fire). For me? Not a problem, but, my friend ask me to plug the dies then allow him to sand blast them, again, the only part of the three dies that makes contact with the case is the carbide ring and the crimp portion of the seating die. Before he can sand blast I have to work on his sand blast system. The effect rust had on the dies does not bother me.

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