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Originally Posted by johnwilliamson062 View Post
True the 204 Ruger has more energy, but how much of that energy is going to be transferred to target? For varminting at long ranges you use up a good bit getting there.

At 100 yards the 204 is way ahead of the 9mm, especially when you factor in adjusting for drop, but inside even 20 yards how much of that energy is just going out the back of the target? I am guessing a lot no matter what bullet is used.

With the 9mm almost all of it can be delivered to target with good ammo.

If you'd ever seen what a .204 does to woodchucks at 20 yards, you wouldn't doubt the effect it would have on a person.

It'll blow a 3" exit hole in a coyote at 175 yards.

The amazing thing is that it might not even exit a woodchuck at 40 yards. The innards are jello though.

I'd take a .204 over a 9mm every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Not just 9mm either. 40SW, 45acp, 10mm, 357sig or Mag.

Handguns SUCK. We only carry them because they're small and convenient.

There are hardly any situations where, if I needed to defend myself and I had a semiauto rifle of any caliber and a semiauto handgun of any caliber, I'd choose the handgun.
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