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That BATFE points system is absolutely random and arbitrary...and I'm guessing it's legality is in a grey area; free trade laws and all that.

Glock is now manufacturing guns here in America as well as assembling them. I had my hands on a "Made in the USA" Model 19 the other day. I wonder if the 380 models would be ones they would consider manufacturing here as well. They wouldn't be subject to import restrictions.
First, it's pretty cool that Glock is manufacturing guns in the Good Ole U S of A. (well, it's likely that most of the parts still come from overseas, they're just assembled here). Next, I can't see a .380 Glock having any viability in the US. Why get a 25, when I can get a 19 or 23, or a 28 when I can get a 26 or 27. There's no advantage to the .380 versions (same mag capacity as 9mm versions) and the disadvantage of the .380 which is, of course, an inferior round to the 9mm. I suppose less recoil? I can't see anyone seriously wanting a .380 Glock except maybe Glock collectors. There's just no market for it here.
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