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Easiest Handgun to Own

Use your experience here! This is kind of the parallel of "don't want to shoot weekly, clean weekly, do simple gunsmithing...what gun should I buy?" thread.

So, the qualifiers are:
- easy to learn
- requires minimal complex thought...hard to forget
- easy to clean
- runs dirty
- reliable OOTB and after 1000 rounds with no parts changes
- paper plate at 25 yards accurate
- easy to shoot fast doubles on that same plate at 7 yards
- drop safe...not CA test, but in practice
- meaningful SD or HD caliber
- could be CCW'd
- popular enough to never worry about parts, finding a gunsmith, etc.

Basically, a one gun gun for reccomending. So, tell me what you have for this? Pick one and tell us about it.
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