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hate that Hornady went with the short cases... I won't use them...

I load for 3 different rifles, & a 14" Contender... haven't run across the small primers on any cases yet, but thanks for the heads up... I ( so far ) only load on one of 3 different single stage presses, & always sort my cases by brand ( err... well except my CAS stuff, since I can't seem to get all my own cases back when I go to events ) Contender gets Contender only loads, my Martini & double rifle get factory equivilent loads, & my guide gun, gets those "loudenboomen safari loads"

I use Trailboss on alot of my CAS stuff... I haven't ( so far ) gotten particularly good accuracy on cases like 40-65 in my single shot... I haven't tried it in the 45-70... hows your accuracy been with it in 45-70, is it worth me trying ???
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