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Originally Posted by arcticap View Post
Buying a rifle is a fairly personal choice that's based on preferences, how the gun fits, features and of course the price too.
I've been eyeing that laminated Traditions Hawken for a long time and it's a great deal. I already have a Traditions Deer hunter with a nickel barrel that I really like. The electro nickel is very slick and durable.
However what I don't really like are double triggers.
So I'm fine with the Deer hunter which cost me a lot less at the time as well.
Sportsman's Guide sells it for $215 and what's given up is the laminated stock, double triggers and 2 inches of barrel length.
Like folks have said, a lot of money doesn't need to be spent to have a good time shooting muzzle loaders.
The 1 in 48" twist is better for shooting conicals or saboted bullets once in a while. The trade off is that the medium twist is only accurate to moderate distances with patched round ball unless a very good load is worked up.
The Lyman rifles are better quality guns, but the GPR is not for everyone either as far as it's fit, length and weight. I didn't care much for the higher price or the rear sight on the Great Plains Rifle either. I'd rather be able to buy two muzzle loaders for the price of one unless it's something that I really want to spend the money on.
The GPR will definitely shoot more accurately out to 100 yards with round ball. And I do like the Lyman Trade Rifle a little bit better with the single trigger, 28" barrel and lower price. But it doesn't have adjustable sights which is just another personal preference.
I don't care much for shooting 100 yards with open sights. At that range, I usually shoot guns that have scopes, or at least guns that have a rear peep sight. Once in a while I will but not primarily. For me, shooting targets at 50 yards is more typical with a muzzle loader.

Nickel Traditions Deer hunter:

Lyman Trade Rifle:

And the Cabela's Hawken is also made by Investarms, the same maker as Lyman and it's on sale right now for $399.88 with free shipping!

Lyman Great Plains Rifle and more:
I also saw that bass pro is offering a traditions springfield hawken for around $320. How does this compare? Their 6 pay offer is tempting, but the other rifles seem much nicer.
Also, can you elaborate more on barrel twist and uses? I'm also wanting to get into one and am very confused.
Is there any good sites that have a breakdown of some of this info? I would also love to know more about .50 cal vs. .54 cal

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