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so many "gun things" are thought of as new, but were 1st thought of or invented in the late 1800's, or early 1900's... I have several old Iver Johnson revolvers with a trigger type safety, similar to what the Glocks have...

that era had a huge growth of inventions & creativity...

BTW... I have a spur trigger XL, like MIKE posted, that was in like unfired condition, probably because it was in 30 rim fire... I had my machinist buddy make me a set of rifled chamber inserts, from an old 22 barrel, so the gun can be fired with 22 Colibri's ( trying to carry on that creativity )

Hopkins & Allen made some really nice guns, I hate to see them listed as "suicide specials", though as business people they also made some pretty crappy guns... however, they were one of the only "inexpensive gun producer" to regularly offer loading gates on their solid frames, folding hammer spurs, etc... & they built most all of the Merwin & Hubert guns, which were highly prizede because of their unique unloading mechanism
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