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Um... not intentionally... all of mine must be shootable

I do have an old glass fronted case full of grandpa's & great grandpa's shotguns... AFAIK, all are "shootable" but most are damaskas barreled, so I wouldn't shoot them... I guess they are decoration, being in an antique glass front case, but not intentionally... I also collect antique pocket guns, & have some in obsolite chamberings ( like 30 rimfire ) on those, I had my machinist buddy make rifled chamber inserts, so they can shoot 22 rim fire, & I do shoot those with Aquila Colibri's... I have an old bottom break S&W, that I made functional after I bought it in unfireable condition... I have never shot it, even with the lightest of 22 rim fire, because of the fragile design... however, I don't display that one, it's more a safe queen
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