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If you are using an offering from Double Tap, HSM, Grizzly Cartridge, Buffalo Bore, Alaska BackPacker, Corbon or any other company that loads .45 Colt to modern pressures or load your own, you can flip a coin between the .44 and the .45 and be equally armed either way.

I carry a Redhawk .45 Colt. My warm weather load is a 330 gr LFNGC bullet stuffed over 24.0 grs of H-110 (I know it's a pinch over max book). Cold weather is the same bullet over 20.0 of Lil Gun.

I also have a supply of Buffalo Bore, AK Backpacker, Double Tap, HSM and Corbon that I've collected over the last couple years.

I have no problem tromping through the alders while wearing it and I sleep well at night when it's tucked in my sleeping bag next to my hip when camping.
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