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It's a good gun... but as others have said, it's ridiculously overpriced just because it has the HK stamp on it.

If you want to pay a 50%+ premium just for those letters... then by all means, go for it.

I'm not a big fan of piston AR's either. I started with piston AR's because I bought into the hype of how much 'more reliable' they are.... Yes, mine were reliable... but so have been my Daniel Defense and ASA AR's. It was the non-standardization of parts on the piston guns that turned me away and the simplicity of DI that turned me on. Also, the lower felt recoil and accuracy improvements.

I don't think is going to tell you that the HK is a junk gun... it's not. It's just that it doesn't give you any benefits over a top shelf Daniel Defense, Bravo Company, etc... or even LWRC if you really want a piston gun - although the price difference there isn't quite as huge. I think LWRC is a bit over priced as well... still good guns though.
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