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non knife guy looking at a bladed multi use tool...

options & thoughts from you guys that are knife guys...

lately I've been thinking of picking up a khukuri knife... thinking it could be used as a fighting knife ( not that I plan on getting that close to a bad guy ) more likely use, would be to replace a camp hatchet, could be used as a machette to clear shooting lanes, fence lines, take off small branches on downed trees, while chainsawing, etc...

I'm looking at a 10" blade, & those listed on evil bay made & shipped from Nepal ( anyone have anything good to say here ??? ) the knifes I expect to be a bit crude, but hope are sturdy, I live on a farm, & could see me using one regularly as a tool ( btw... worn out many Leatherman multi tools, over the course of the last 10 years, so if it is something I carried when out working, it could see some serious use ) ... I would suspect these particular knives would be like Kyber pass rifles... are there other manufacterers of authentic "style" khukuri knives ???

options for other knives that would function as a tool like I have listed above...

not looking for fantasy knife quality, looking for "tool quality"... I originally started looking at the smaller Gerber machettes, but they are not full tang, & I question the durability, also I'm wanting something small by machette standards, maybe on the large size by knife standards... something I could carry, while chain sawing, or working on the fences, that wouldn't be too cumbersome

wasn't there a trench knife, that coupled with the steel sheath, that would cut wire ??? do they still make those ???

options ??? opinons ???
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